Browser and download instructions

When you click on the link below, what you are greeted with will differ from browser to browser, just as the outcome will differ from Mac OS to Windows.

In the vast majority of cases, however, the application form will be displayed on a new tab. Press Save as (or Save as) and save it to the Desktop.

Complete the form on the screen. IMPORTANT! When you have completed it, remember to save (Save as…). The form should then be ready to be sent to the secretary.

If you get a message that the page doesn’t exist, reload the page (Mac: Cmd-R, Windows: Ctrl-R).

Please note that longer text is not automatically moved down to the next line.
When you reach the end of a line, you will have to manually go down to the next line and continue there.

“If you have problems downloading and/or filling in the application form, send me an email about it, and I will send the form to you by email. Sincerely, Secretary

NOTE! Mac users should open the document with Image Viewer (default)
rather than Adobe Reader.

Error when printing through Adobe Reader: If you want to print the form and you find that not all the text is included, after pressing ‘Print’, select ‘Customize’ in the print dialog.