You can apply for a grant for a more specified project, conductor/kapelmester-related.

Scholarship application

The application must be received no later than one month before the completion of the project.

The application must contain:

Application form: The main points must be written on the form itself (you can write directly on the form when it is laid out on the computer’s desktop – remember to save before sending).

Project Description: Where what is applied is described in more detail (if there is not enough space on the form).

Budget: Always include. Press the “Budget” button below, and please see the instructions before making your budget.

Signature: From the applicant and/or conductor. These do not have to be handwritten, but if the applicant differs from the conductor, the conductor must be cc’d on the email application with all attachments.

Applications that do not contain the above annexes and guidelines will be rejected.

Danish Conductors Association mainly supports individual projects. Applications that are in the nature of operating support, will be refused.

Association members do not need to send CVs, audio files, or reviews.

A response to the application can be expected approximately four to five weeks after the application deadline.

The deadline for the next application period is

Friday, December 1st, 2023, at 18:00.

Send the application form and attachments by email to secretary Bodil Heister:

The Danish Conductors Association also points out that the secretary only has limited time to review and pre-approve the applications. Please, therefore, ensure you have everything ready as described above before possibly addressing you with questions. Thanks.

Good luck working with the application. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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