Danish Conductor Association administers the collective rights funds from Gramex and Copydan (AVU media and KulturPlus)

You can apply for support from the collective funds for:

1) Music promotion purposes, which can be live performances that are conductor/conductor-related (concerts, musical theatre, festivals, tours, etc.) and phonograms (recording and publishing of CDs with ensembles/orchestra/choirs) that are conductor/conductor-related.

2) Educational purposes which are conductor/conductor-related (study trips, participation in courses, competitions, etc.)

With the rights funds from AVU media, subsidies are also provided for subject-relevant book publications (textbooks, biographies, etc.). “The collective 1/3” from KulturPlus is exclusively based on artists who make innovative contributions to Danish music and CD projects that will difficult to make a living through sales alone.

The collective funds can be applied for by anyone, and membership in an organization is not required. However, it is a condition for support that a bandmaster, conductor, orchestra, or ensemble leader participates in the project, recording, or course. A special grant application form must be used, which can be requested from the secretary or downloaded here on the page. The budget and project description must be attached. The applications are processed continuously at the 8-10 annual board meetings. To be considered, the application must be submitted to the secretary no later than one month before the project is carried out (date of the concert, premiere, trip, etc.).

Cable TV

All conductors who have participated in TV productions, transmissions or broadcasts on TV are entitled to receive Cable TV compensation.

The association Copydan Verdens TV, representing, among others, the creative and performing artists, producers, and TV stations, collect remuneration from the users, e.g. aerial and housing associations and hotels. The money is collected in a pool, which is then distributed among all the member organisations. On behalf of Copydan, the Danish Conductors Association is responsible for the payment of remuneration to the entitled bandmaster and conductors.

Since the cable TV remuneration for the individual rights holders is calculated on the basis of the initial fee, you must be able to document that you participated in the TV production by means of a contract with the TV or production company. Payout specifications can also be beneficial when it comes to retransmission, but here too, it is an advantage if you have saved the original contract.

The contract or salary specification must state the amount paid for the actual work/performance as a conductor or bandmaster. This is important, as many conductor contracts also include fees for musicians, etc. Only the conductor’s own fee is included in the calculation of Cable TV.

The calculation and distribution of Cable TV compensation occur each year in August/September for the previous calendar year. Contracts or other documentation must be submitted to the association’s treasurer before 15th June (see address below).

We must encourage you to keep yourself up to date with which TV productions have been rebroadcast, either through the daily press or by inquiring with the department of the TV or production company that drew up the original contract. And remember to save all contracts relating to a TV production or transmission!